Ferguson: One year later

Aug 7, 2015 5:40 PM

As the one year anniversary of the police-involved shooting death of Michael Brown approaches, the city of Ferguson, Missouri is preparing for this weekend's scheduled rallies.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon met with members of the Ferguson Commission Friday afternoon as they finalized areas of their final report, due September 15th. He thanked members of the commission for their hard work. Last year, the city of Ferguson made national headlines when police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown, 18, on August 9th. Brown's death lead to days of civil unrest and protests, and launched the 'Black Lives matter' movement. On the anniversary of Brown's death, the Governor welcomed the marches schedule to take place this weekend. Said Governor Nixon, "Folks want to say things and folks want to have their voices heard, this is a significantly appropriate way for them to do that and we welcome folks both locally as well as around the country to note the historic moment. As far as safety, our law enforcement teams are going to be working to make sure that the folks that are out there are able to do so in a safe way. Again, I've interacted with them. I've had a number of meetings with folks, feel very good about that sort of process. The events of last August 9th galvanized a number of voices that had not been heard for too long. And that those voices, while sometimes raw, are yielding concrete actions in the government structure, are yielding concrete action in the work of our region, but equally importantly, have lead to heartfelt discussions that I think will bring people in the region closer together in the long range."


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