Federal Job Fair in Redding

Jan 30, 2011 12:58 PM

Lassen National Park Representative Scott Isaacson says, "The economy really isn't great right now, however there are a number of really good seasonal jobs in all of the land management agencies, that are available so we want to make sure people know about those."

An estimated two thousand people rushed into the Mount Shasta Mall in Redding to join the 7th annual Federal Job Fair. Ten different natural resource management agencies came together to inform the public of the opportunities out there. Plus, Event Coordinator Joe Sean Kennedy says the human interaction is one of the best benefits of the annual fair. Joe says, "There's nothing better than having some one-on-one communication and somebody to talk to, versus having a 1-800 number or email."

Representatives from the Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service were on hand to answer questions, help with job applications, and meet potential employees. Scott says, "This job fair is very popular and we get a lot of people coming in to find out what's available."

Job opportunities ranged from wildland firefighting to forestry, biology, and cultural sciences. And the locations of each were throughout Northern California, which made the commute for local residents painless.

Steffen Joss is a volunteer firefighter and an EMT.. but wants to get on with the Department of Forestry. Steffen says, "You got a lot if different people from different areas here, so it's kind of nice having everyone all together."

Jennifer Melendrez of Redding is looking to make a career move. "I'm looking to get a job for the forest service."


fair this weekend will help Melendrez and Joss get their foot in the door by assisting them with their profiles. So when seasonal jobs become available, they'll be first in line.


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