February Warmth Continues

Feb 11, 2015 9:08 PM by Kris Kuyper

Temperatures warmed up some around the North State Wednesday, despite some high cloud cover. We'll see another nice day Thursday, then even warmer weather this weekend!

High pressure continues to be strong enough to keep a rather large storm in the Pacific away from us, but not quite strong enough yet to prevent it's high cloud cover from moving through the North State. Look for that high cloud cover to persist Thursday before the ridge strengthens enough to push even that part of the storm northward. We'll see a lot of sun this weekend, with Valley highs in the 70's... Even the Ridge should be near 70 this weekend!

High pressure may weaken a bit next week, but we're still looking sunny & warm. Long range models aren't indicating anything significant that will break through this ridge anytime soon, so we may stay dry for much of the rest of February. We're close to where we should be for this current rain season, but may start falling behind a bit in the next week or two.


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