February 3, Kids In Action; Monster Concert

Feb 5, 2013 7:11 PM

What happens when up to 48 kids cram their way onto 16 pianos? The result is some of the most amazing music you can imagine, and as reporter Rick Carhart shows us in tonight's Kids In Action, you can hear this "Monster" of a concert right here in the North State.

Nearly 150 talented kids, from the age of five to high school seniors, filled the Neighborhood Church stage with the sound of music on a Saturday afternoon.

In the process of learning to play an instrument, there are other lessons as well.

Emma Pilakowski says, "I feel very powerful, I really like seeing all the happy faces out in the audience when I'm playing."

Taylor Murasko says, "I feel happy and proud of myself for doing a great job."

Many of these kids are mature beyond their years, and it shows in the way they approach this concert.

Abigail Larrabee says, "you've just got to know your notes and know the songs and you can get them right."

The unique thing about this Monster Concert is the variety of ages and abilities of the musicians all coming together. Kids whose feet can't even touch the ground...

Elijah Snow says, "I got the heebie-jeebies"

To veterans who have played this concert for years.

Logan Hansen says, "there's a little bit of nerves because you have to worry about yourself and what everybody else is doing too, so there's a little bit but once you start playing you get past it, everything's fine."

Christina Batin says, "you feel like you can be inspiring to others and introduce them "why don't you try this"."

This collection of students, taught by 22 different piano instructors across the North State, all come together on one day for one show.

Tanner Hansen says, "I just really like the idea of everybody playing piano, having a blast, all the kids, the conductors, and the teachers are really nice... It's just a great environment really."

Annika Edstrom says, "I come back and I make really good friends that share a passion that I love to do."

And it made for a great show for everyone in attendance, including the Music Director.

Marci Pittman says, "they did great... It sounded wonderful to me backstage."

After several years at Laxson Auditorium at Chico State... this year's Monster Concert moved to the Neighborhood Church, home of the largest stage in town.


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