Feather River Hatchery to help other hatcheries deliver salmon to ocean

Mar 11, 2014 6:44 PM

Millions of small young salmon will be migrating a different way because of the drought this year-on large tanker trucks.

State federal hatcheries, like the Coleman National Fish Hatchery in Anderson, are planning on planting in the sea this year.

The Feather River Hatchery in Oroville has always transported their salmon this way.

On a normal year they transport at least 8 million Chinook salmon to the Pacific Ocean.

With its resources (like tanker trucks), they will be lending a helping hand to hatcheries like Coleman.

Fish and wildlife technician Steve Brightwell is one of the drivers that will help transport millions of three inch Chinook salmon to San Pablo Bay.

“[It’s going to be] more days on the road than we normally would have,” Brightwell said. “And probably a longer time frame to get all the fish from everyone to the ocean.”

Bob Clarke, a fisheries program supervisor with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Pacific Southwest Region said Coleman, a federal hatchery, is preparing to truck 100% of its salmon this year. But he said they will be coordinating with the state and monitoring conditions in the coming weeks.


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