Feather River Amps Up

Jul 27, 2013 7:33 PM

It was a great day for the local kayak scene.

Pacific Gas & Electric increased water flow in the Feather River and kayakers flocked to Plumas County to ride to the rapids.

“It’s awesome,” Sara James of Truckee said. “You get to get wet, stay out in the sunshine and scare yourself a bit with your friends. It’s definitely the right place to be when it’s weather like this.”

Former professional kayaker Taylor Robertson was one of the dozens of people took to sections of the Feather River to enjoy the ride. A former US kayak team rider, Robertson has traveled the world and said Feather River has some of the best water.

“There's some really nice granite rock and that really helps to help form some of the best rapids safest rapids and some of the most fun rapids,” he said.


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