FBI Special Agent visits Paradise Intermediate to talk cyber safety

May 22, 2014 7:44 PM

An FBI special agent from Sacramento gives some butte county kids some education today on how to be safe online.

Special Agent Scott Schofield could not show his face on camera because he said it could interfere with the work he does.

He told students at Paradise Intermediate School he wanted to give them information about the dangerous consequences of sharing information about yourself, with people you may not know.

He has two main rules: Don't chat with people you don't know, and don't meet with people you don't know.

“What I hope to see afterwards is some of them go home and delete some of those chat partners they met online and not in real life,” said Butte County Office of Education’s Bruce Baldwin. “And that they're just a little more aware and a little more conscious that the internet is a dangerous place.”

For more information on cyber safety, we've received some more information from the FBI, and posted it below:

Safe Online Surfing

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