FBI make connection in Chico, Yuba City bank robberies in "Man Bag Bandit"

Apr 25, 2014 7:44 PM

The FBI is calling him the Man Bag Bandit, the suspect in today's armed robbery in Chico and two other bank robberies in Yuba City.

In all three incidents, the FBI said this suspect carried a cross-body man's bag, and was wearing a white shirt and loose-fitting dark slacks.

In the incidents, he also gave a note to the tellers demanding cash and displayed his silver handgun.

Around 11am today, the suspect robbed the Rabobank at gunpoint on Mangrove Avenue in Chico.

He got away with an undisclosed amount of money and was last seen walking south.

“He did receive some funds,” said Chico Police Lt. David Britt. “There was a firearm involved.”

Rodrigo Garcia said he was the only other customer inside at the time, and the suspect simply walked out.

“I was kind of scared,” Garcia said.” “[When the suspect left] everybody say go down, because the guy has a gun or something. The lady said go on the floor, and I was kind of scared.”

This is the latest in a string of North State bank robberies.

The latest was a Rabobank in in Yuba City (4/21), then a Rabobank in Paradise (4/17), another at Chico's Bank of America (4/15), and a US Bank in Yuba City (4/12).

“Anything we get something of that magnitude in the community we're of course concerned,” said Chico’s former Police Chief and current Butte College Director of Public Safety Training Mike Maloney. “It's disturbing because it's a higher level of crime. There's a greater potential for injury to citizens and injury to police officers.”

“If a suspect is not apprehended probably within the first 15 minutes, ultimately what's going to happen is there's going to be a shifting of gears,” added Maloney.

The FBI Sacramento division has now stepped in.

Maloney said because most banks are federally insured (FDIC), bank robberies have become the specialty of the FBI.

“They just have this knack for connecting information and working people at kind of a higher level than the locals in an area like Northern California typically do,” Maloney said.

If you have any more information on today's suspect or any of the other four bank robberies, you're asked to call Chico Police or the FBI’s Chico office at 530-893-0655 or 916-481-9110.


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