Father's Day in Chico

Jun 19, 2011 8:06 PM

Chico resident Chloe Brandi says, "He's a really nice dad.. He's the best dad in the world!" The Ziegenmeyer family says, "He's a sweet and fun guy.. Very caring and we love his bald head.." No matter what the reason, daughters and son's all over Chico had something to celebrate Sunday...Nadia Gonzalez says, "I love my dad cause he's my favorite dad in the whole wide world."

Roughly 600 people decided to make their toast to dad over brunch at Nash's Restaurant off the Esplanade. Where eggs fried on the grill, champagne flowed, and stories were shared about favorite memories of dad. Sidney Preston from Chico says, "When me and him went to the fair because he would always be the one that was next to me."

And while some families decided to celebrate father's day with brunch.. Others came down to the park to play a few games. At Bidwell Park, some played ladder ball, others played catch, and several took a dip in the pool. But it didn't matter what was being done.. because it was the time spent together that made today special for most fathers. The Ziegenmeyer family says, "I just enjoy being with my family.. Getting them together all at one time." Chico Resident Luis Brandi says, "To all the dad's out there.. It doesn't matter if you have money or things. I'm the richest man in the world right here. Happy Father's Day!"


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