Father's Day airsoft tournament

Jun 15, 2014 7:51 PM by Charlene Cheng

"My dad gets on my nerves a lot but I come here and just shoot with him and have fun," Nicholas Love said.

Love doesn't always get along with the other men in his family, but this Father's Day, they all share the same goal of defeating the enemy.

"It's a hobby that I can have with my son and grandson because usually we wind up kinda doing our own thing," said Nicholas's grandfather, Vance Rose.

It's all part of airsoft, a sport where players eliminate their opponents by shooting them with little pellets.

"It's similar to paintball, but kind of different because we're trying to do more operations and more technical stuff where paintball can be a little bit more speed balls," said Matt Cain, Nick's father.

U.S. Airsoft in Anderson was opened by Frank Rodgers and his family.

Frank is a father of six, and saw the need to find something active for his kids to do.

"All the kids, you know nowadays they tend to stay on the little computers, and I always see them on there with their thumbs going, and I wanted to give them something else to do and so now the kids have something else to do, they come out, and they play and they have a good time," he said.

Many of the dads say that airsoft isn't just a Father's Day event, it's also a regular bonding activity they do with their kids.

"It helps to establish a trust, especially in a stressful situation where BBs are flying, you know, that he can trust his dad to tell him to do something important or he can tell me something that's occurring that I'm not aware of, and something that he saw that I didn't see," said Matt Williamson, who was out playing with his son, Ben.

U.S. Airsoft is the only facility of its kind in the North State.

The arena is open to players every Friday through Sunday.

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