Fate of Colusa Regional Hospital and EMS services

Apr 13, 2016 10:06 PM by Darren Leeds

The fate of the Colusa Regional Medical Center has been decided and the hospital will cease all operations in 9 days after suffering too much in financial losses. If you live in Colusa County and need emergency services on April 22nd where will you go? And who will transport you there?

A ride from an ambulance to one of the surrounding hospitals could take nearly an hour. Emergency responders serving Colusa County believe this is going to have a tremendous impact on the community, so they're brain-storming ideas on how to best deal with the situation.

Poland says, "Anytime you lose a hospital in the county, that's definitely a concern that you have to look at. Colusa Regional saw a little over 7,000 patients in their emergency department last year. So the question is, those patients have to go somewhere else. So that clearly is going to have an impact on our other hospitals in our EMS region."

That's the big concern on the minds of emergency responders in Colusa and some of the surrounding counties.
With the hospital closed, residents in the Colusa area will have to deal with longer waits for ambulance services.
John Poland with Sierra-Sacramento EMA says in a life or death situation, the next closest hospitals are 45 minutes away.

Poland says, "Use of air-ambulances would be something else that we would be looking at and monitoring it to make sure those resources are being used appropriately to get those patients to facilities further as well."

Some of the ideas discussed were to open an urgent care facility or bolster the ambulance services but reality is going to set in when the hospital closes on April 22nd.

Poland says, "We're really going to have to wait and see and monitor this system very closely once the transition happens and keep a close eye on it to see what type of impact it has."

For now the fire department says they would act as first responders and would perform basic life-support until further help arrives.

The hospital has already stopped some of their services and have deferred people to surrounding hospitals.
Colusa Regional Medical Center reported a $4.8million loss for the fiscal year ending March 2015.
What the hospital owes outweighs the money they were bringing in. The hospital had 222 full-time positions, making it one of the county's largest employers.


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