Farmers Having Trouble Finding Quality Workers for Peach Harvest

Jul 8, 2013 6:25 PM

This week is harvest time for many North State peach farmers.

But many local orchards are continuing to have tough times finding quality workers to pick their crops.

Last year, many peach farmers saw the worst labor shortages of their careers; and this year is not looking much better.

Stricter immigration laws are making it more difficult for farmers to get the kind of help they need. This labor issue has received lots of attention lately; causing hundreds of aspiring workers to apply for jobs in this industry. But picking peaches isn’t for everyone; and this shortage of workers has a trickle-down effort on other businesses.

“This area depends on farming,” Said Kulwant Johl, owner of Johl Orchards in Yuba County. “If we don’t get the work done, if we don’t pick the peaches then the truckers don’t work and the cannery workers don’t work.”


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