Family Snowday in Magalia

Jan 2, 2011 5:43 PM

Meet the Trujillo family from Chico. On Sunday they decided to pack up the truck and go for a drive up the ridge to find some snow. Victor Trujillo, the father, says, "It was a pretty nice day, so we figured take advantage before the kids go back to school tomorrow and come out and see if we could find some snow and have some fun." And that's exactly what they did.

They pulled right off of Skyway in Magalia and played. Even though there was only a light blanket of snow, there was still enough for this family to find some fun in it. "We typically try to get out here once a year during the holidays. There's not a lot of snow but we found some," Victor says.

Further up

the hill, Sterling City experienced a much heavier snow fall. In some places there were several inches. Cars, rooftops and staircases all sported their winter coat, but as the day continued, the snow began to slowly melt away. Still leaving just enough for the trujillo family to have a snowball fight. Victor says, "It's a lot of fun." And his son Ben agrees, saying snowballs are his favorite part.


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