False accusations mean big problems for Oroville businessman

May 2, 2016 11:52 AM by Cecile Juliette

False accusations on Facebook have led to big problems for a north state businessman.

Satnam Singh was accused of taking pictures of little girls at Riverbend Park in Oroville from his ice cream truck.

Oroville Police say those accusations are false.

He's just a simple guy working hard. Satnam Singh makes a living, driving his old ice cream truck around Oroville selling sweets.

But what has happened to him in the last few weeks is anything but.

“(They say) I'm a Muslim, I'm taking picture of the girls, I never took anybody's picture,” Singh said.

Someone posted a picture of his truck on Facebook, accusing him of taking pictures of little girls swimming at Riverbend Park. And that post spread like wildfire.

They also posted a picture of a different man from the Megan's Law website, falsely claiming it was Singh.

Oroville police say the accusations are baseless.

It all started after people threw rocks at his truck at the park, cracking a window. Singh was the one who called Oroville Police.

Police said Singh's truck was parked too far from where the children were swimming to take a good picture. They checked his phone, and found nothing incriminating.

They also said he has no criminal history, he's not on Megan's Law and he has done nothing wrong.

Plus they said the people making the accusations at the park were drinking, which may have heightened tensions.

Singh says he's just trying to make a living.

“They take a picture of my truck and say bad remarks about me ‘I’m a bad person’ but I’m not,” he said.

“I’m a simple person driving around selling ice cream.”

“My mom told me about a week ago that my dad was being harassed,” Singh son’s Taranjit Nagra said.

Singh's son said the wounds of the past few weeks run deep.

He said not only did his dad get called a pedophile and his truck get vandalized but he's lost customers.

“They put on (Facebook) that he takes pictures of little kids that he's a Muslim,” Nagra said. “You feel like you're not a part of the community you're not accepted by the community.”

“Everybody thinks bad about me,” Singh said. They think I’m just kind of bad person, but I’m not.”

Police recommend that if you think someone is breaking the law, instead of taking the matter into your own hands, call the authorities and file a report.


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