Fake City of Redding Twitter account causes a stir

Mar 20, 2015 8:04 PM

A fake Twitter page falsely representing the City of Redding has the community up in arms over the posts, and why the page is still up.
The content on the Twitter page is extremely inappropriate -- Action News Now reporter Angela Musallam has reaction from the community.

"This is pretty disgusting..."
"My eyeballs feel dirty, just look at this stuff!"
"It's just silly."

These reactions, in response to a Twitter page -- someone created a fake profile impersonating the City of Redding, tweeting things like "I want a fountain full of girls", "F*** Anderson and Red Bluff", and "You're a black kid. Stop trying to be".

"Someone has way too much time on their hands."
"I just don't know what to say to this."

The tweets were posted over a three-day period starting in mid-November of 2014.
The page has 27 followers, most of whom are teenagers.

"If I walked by and saw one of my nieces and nephews doing something like that their phone would be gone and they would never know what the internet is because they wouldn't be on it anymore."

Aside from all the profanity, the tweets were also maliciously directed toward other users.
One tweet read: "Can you ban yourself off Twitter? You're the cancer of Twitter."

"It's pretty messed up but it's funny at the same time, it's meant in humor. I don't think it's really meant to be harmful...it's a little malicious when they target people's names though."

Twitter's policy bans any type of impersonation -- anyone who is in violation of that rule could have their account permanently suspended.

"Whoever is responsible needs to be punished."
"They need to be stopped."

Action News Now contacted Twitter for a statement on whether the account will be suspended but never heard back from them -- the City of Redding was furloughed Friday, and Mayor Francie Sullivan tells us she's out of town and not available for comment.


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