Fairview High School Job Mentoring Program

Oct 21, 2011 7:43 PM

For these eleven students at Fairview High School, school days this week didn't start with English or Math. Instead students punched into a time clock, and worked an eight hour shift. Fairview High School student Ariana Sylvia says,"We got a work schedule.. We worked shipping, warehouse, pulling orders, we did customer service on the phone."

The youth employment program teamed up with the Boys & Girls Club, to offer this two-day job shadowing program. To help prepare these juniors and seniors for their future in the working world. Youth Employment Program Coordinator Fran Anderson says, "Most of our students don't have volunteer work, they don't have any kind of job experience, they had very little to put on a resume.. So were building those experiences at school."

The students spent two days at the 'A Main Hobbies' warehouse, an international radio control car, truck, and helicopter store, in Chico. A Main Hobbies Marketing Director John Taylor says, "We made them just like they were regular employees. We made them I.D. badges, they started at 8 in the morning, they got their breaks just like a regular employee did.."

Participants also did mock interviews, learned how to format resumes, and picked up a few life lessons along the way. Fairview High School Junior Ben Davis says, "It helps to go to a place and have friends, leaders and adult figures, especially when you don't have it at home." Anderson says, "We see attendance changing, we see behaviors changing, we see motivation changing, so it's a win for everybody." Sylvia says, "It's a pretty fun program.. We just get involved with the community. It's pretty cool."


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