Fair View Vandalism

Dec 13, 2010 9:13 PM

"It kind of broke my heart that somebody would do something like this, I don't understand" said Fair View High School Student Sierra Heinrichs. It's a feeling that several Fair View High School students and faculty are sharing after learning their school fell victim to vandals. Chico Police responded to the school off East Avenue around 3:30 Monday morning and found 13 classrooms had been trashed. The vandals broke 39 windows, knocked over tables and desks and destroyed several computers. The selfish act leaves school administrators asking why. "Why is this happening to our school, why is this happening to our staff, and then of course to be prepared for what takes place when kids come to school" said Fair View Principal Bernard Vigallon.
After an hour and a half long search, officers were able to locate three of the four suspects that were seen running from the school on foot. 20 year old Anthony Kelly, 18 year old Joseph Ostrander and 24 year old Anthony Stangl have been booked into the Butte County Jail. " Fair View is like a second home for a lot of kids, it really is, so it's like our home got vandalized" said Heinrichs. Nancee Garcia, also a Fair View student adds "Just to feel like it's like unsafe, to think that people would even do such a thing".
Chico Police are still trying to determine a motive and will be reviewing surveillance footage from the Chevron Gas Station located next to the school, where the suspects were said to be before the vandalism occurred.


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