Experts say Facebook quizzes could lead to identity theft

Mar 4, 2016 1:20 PM by News Staff

To most of us Facebook quizzes look like fun. But cyber security experts call them click bait -- for a reason.

Katie Hayes, an avid quiz taker said she's upset at the finding because she really enjoys taking the quizzes.

"I love to know what kind of Disney princess you are. Or, I don't know, a lot of crazy ones I see my friends post," she said.

Like a lot of us -- Katie Hayes can't resist.

"If my friends took it, I usually do take it," she said.

But beware -- hackers can hijack accounts and use them to lure in more victims.

Sri Sridharan, Managing Director at the Florida Center for Cybersecurity, explains hackers just want one thing: money.

"It seems harmless but you never know who's really asking you for that information," he said.

Hackers will use quizzes to disguise malicious links.

Some will connect to your Facebook account to extract data.

They can even trick you into downloading malware.

Quiz questions themselves could be a trap.

"The more they know about you, the more ways they can trick you into doing something like clicking on a link you should not click on," Sridharan said.

So how can you tell whether the quiz your taking is safe?

Sridharan recommends:

  • Being cautious of quizzes and polls that want you to sign in.
  • The same goes for email address. He urges -- treat them like cash.
  • Don’t click on links just because a friend posted it.
  • And only participate in quizzes from reputable sources that protect your data.

"Now that I think about it, I probably shouldn't take the quizzes anymore. My computer or phone might already be in damage of that. Hopefully I guess nothing happens, but maybe I should stop taking the quizzes," Hayes said.


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