EXCLUSIVE: Chico PD officer disciplined, paves the way for lawsuit

May 7, 2014 7:44 PM

Action News Now has obtained paperwork from the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing. It reveals that Chico Police Officer Todd Boothe was disciplined following an internal investigation by the Chico Police Department. Last November, City Council member Randall Stone publicly accused Officer Boothe of posting racist and homophobic pictures to Boothe's personal Facebook page. Those pictures, dating back to 2009, included a depiction of President Barack Obama wearing native garb, with a bone through his nose. Once Stone made those allegations public, an internal investigation was launched within the police department, and the findings were kept private. In documents obtained exclusively by Action News Now, Boothe stated that since Stone made those allegations public, he (Boothe) has endured public scrutiny, and has been denied promotion and special assignments for at least one year. Boothe has gone to the Dept. of Fair Employment and Housing to file paperwork, thereby closing the state's investigation, and declaring his intent to sue. The state has granted Boothe's 'right to sue' petition. He has 300 days to file suit in court, and the clock began ticking in February. The Chico City Attorney declined comment, as did Stone and Boothe.


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