Ex-Girlfriend Charged With Giving Guns to Kansas Shooter Cedric Ford

Feb 26, 2016 6:36 PM by NBC News

A Kansas woman was charged Friday with giving guns to the felon who shot up a Kansas plant, federal prosecutors said.

Sarah T. Hopkins, 28, faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of transferring the AK-47-style semi-automatic rifle and a Glock 40-caliber handgun to ex-boyfriend Cedric Ford, 38.

Prosecutors said Hopkins knew Ford was a convicted felon and was not allowed to have the firearms.

Court records show that Ford was a felon who previously lived in Miami and was on probation with a series of convictions in Florida, including burglary in 2000.

He had a criminal record stretching back to October 1996, when he was charged with carrying a concealed firearm when he was 18 years old, the records showed.

Ford killed three and wounded 14 others in a rampage that started after he was served with a restraining order at his workplace, law-care company Excel Industries in Hesston.

He was shot dead by police.


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