Evergreen Elementary School Burglarized

Jul 29, 2014 8:27 PM

Evergreen Elementary School is off to a rough start - and the school year hasn't even begun.
The school is the target of a burglary that happened sometime between July 9th and 24th.

According to the Tehama County Sheriff's Office, a school employee called to report 6 iMac computers stolen from inside a classroom -- the burglars didn't even have to try hard to make their way in.

"When deputies arrived, they noted 6 missing computers from an unlocked classroom..."
When we called Superintendent Brad Mendenhall to ask why the classroom door would be unlocked for nearly 3 weeks, he refused to make a statement.
Lieutenant Borden says it's no accident the burglar -- or burglars -- found the unlocked classroom.

"You have to have a layout of the school...you're not going to walk around on the off-chance you're going to find an unlocked classroom with 6 computers inside."

The Sheriff's Office doesn't know what time the burglary took place, but says it's likely to have happened after hours to avoid any chance of getting caught.
"The 6 computers are estimated to be worth a total of $3,000."

Sheriff's deputies and investigators aren't working any solid leads at this point, but they say the computers were labeled -- so the recovery process may not be impossible.

"The school had a record of the serial numbers, so we can find the computers if anyone tries to pawn them."
Lieutenant Borden says deputies have been successful at returning stolen goods that were labeled.

"If an officer pulls someone over and runs the serial number on the computer, it will come up being stolen."

Evergreen Elementary starts back up on August 20th, and while we don't know if these computers belonged to the computer lab, it's not clear if the school has any plans to replace them for the new school year.


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