Evacuation zone remains in place for area surrounding incinerated explosives home

Feb 17, 2014 6:44 PM

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office has stated this afternoon the 2,000-foot evacuation zone surrounding a mobile home incinerated yesterday for reportedly containing explosive materials on Chaparral Drive west of Redding remains in effect. Plans on reducing the evacuation zone are pending site surveys. Officials are hopeful to reduce the evacuation zone as early as tomorrow.

The Sheriff’s Office indicated power was restored to the neighborhood at approximately 3:30 p.m. today. Officials continue to inspect the remains of the mobile home to determine if the site is safe as well as test water and soil samples for contaminants.

Initially, residents of 28 homes within 1,000 feet of the mobile home were evacuated on February 7 after an investigation into an explosion at 9021 Chaparral Drive on February 6 led to the discovery of more than 40 pounds of explosive materials.

After the discovery of an additional 20 pounds of explosive materials and the Sheriff’s Office’s decision to incinerate the home last week, the evacuation zone was extended to 2,000 feet, prompting the evacuation of residents from a total nearly 60 homes.

The mobile home was burned to the ground yesterday afternoon without collateral damage to neighboring homes or other parts of the property.

D Ray East, the 64-year-old resident of the mobile home who lost his hand the day of the explosion, has yet to be charged by either the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office or the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office.

The public is requested to remain out of the area for safety concerns.


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