Esther's Hope

Jul 27, 2010 8:02 PM

"I was lost, I had no direction in my life, my life was chaotic," Esther's Hope resident Jessica Bowman stated. Bowman's story is similar to several others who call Esther's Hope 'home.' It is a house in Paradise that helps women recover from drug and alcohol addiction, domestic abuse or those in need of spiritual guidance. "Our goal is to be able to strengthen them in such a way that they have self-worth and confidence and feel strong to get out there and run their own homes," Home Director Suzie Jackson explained.

The home was established about two years ago, but moved locations last September. About eleven women are currently living in the house. EeeVee Vera says the faith-based environment has allowed her to turn her life around. "I almost died, I was killing myself and I had to get professional help. All the doors closed, I went to S.L.E.'s and rehabs and this is the one God opened the door and it saved my life."

Esther's Hope is the only place in Paradise to allow children to live in the home. They are children that have been placed in the foster care system, or taken away from their mothers. Now those mothers will get a second chance to be there for their children. Bowman's son will be the first to join the tight-knit group and she is ready to be reunited. "Being a better parent, giving my son everything he needs."

Esther's Hope is desperately looking for someone to donate sod for their backyard where the children will play. They also need a van so they can take the women and children to appointments. If you would like to donate call Suzie Jackson at (530) 514-9819.


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