Erosion causes Chico road to collapse

Feb 18, 2015 7:22 PM by Jason Atcho

It all began with the heavy rains earlier this month washing away dirt from under the road on Bidwell Avenue in Chico, causing it to partially collapse late last week. "They began to look at it and dig it, and found out that it was a more significant problem than they had anticipated," explained Paul Moore, a resident on Bidwell Avenue. Living along Big Chico Creek, residents say erosion is part of nature. "Lots of water comes down and erodes the banks and you don't quite know where it's going to happen but it does happen," said Moore.

This type of thing isn't something new to these residents. "We have had this happen before. There's another area a lit bit farther west that was repaired a few years ago," said Margaret Raider, a resident on Bidwell Avenue.

Others say it's still shocking to see what the power of water can do. "I was a little concerned wondering if it would happen elsewhere on the creek," said Amy White, a resident on Bidwell Aveneue. Having the road washed out wasn't all bad news to those who live there. "As far as it inconveniencing us, it doesn't at all. We can just go out the other way and as far as walking and using the road for pleasure it's nice because there's not a lot of traffic," explained White.

While another incident like this may not be completely avoidable, there are things residents can do to help. "We encourage people not to use any roundup on the creek side because then that kills all the vegetation there and then we've got a better chance for erosion," explained Raider.

Officials with Butte County Public Works say engineers will continue to work on the road. It could take anywhere from one week, up to one month to make the repairs.


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