Eri Yoshida's Media Impact

May 29, 2010 9:11 PM

18-year old Eri Yoshida has had her fair share of media attention since she signed with the Chico Outlaws in April, and her debut game is proving just the same. "Right now we have 28 confirmed media outlets from around the world" stated Dan Hawkins, media regulations for the Chico Outlaws.
Media from as far as Yoshida's homeland in Japan have followed her story and will be attending Saturday's game for her pitching premier. "They're more curious a lot of them about the journey, then the results" explained Hawkins.
Yoshida's journey is by far a unique one. She is Japan's first female professional baseball player. "They thought it was a really interesting story being that she's from Japan, and she's only the second female to play on an all male pro team in the USA" said Keith Manglona, a field photographer for Sports Net out of the bay area.
And the public is also wanting to know everything about her. "I've had everything from what is Eri's pre-game meal, to what does she do when she's not at the ball park, to how is she gonna pitch tonight" stated Dan Hawkins.
Keith Manglona also said that "The word is out! And it's no secret, so I'm sure that a lot of people will be out here".
And it's not only the media who have traveled far to watch Yoshida's performance. Eager fans have traveled as far as Oregon, Arizona and even North Carolina to watch her pitching.
It's fun for baseball fans, but it also means a boost for area hotels and restaurants who typically see a lul in business after graduations.


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