Enterprise HS Excited for State Championship

Dec 16, 2013 7:28 PM

It's the first day back at school for the Enterprise High School Football team since winning the Northern California Championship, and the school is buzzing.

"There's just a different energy around the school," said senior lineman Brandon Evers. "You can just sense that all the students are talking about us right now."

Coach Darren Trueblood admits its an exciting time for his team as they prepare for the State Championship in Carson on Saturday.

"It's been very electric," he said. "It's one of those experiences that galvanizes a community and a lot of people have gotten behind us."

Even outside of school, local businesses are excited for Enterprise to represent the North State.

"I'm very excited," said Upper Crust Pizza manager Tamra Davidge. "It puts Redding on the map. I think were just a beautiful little town with amazing kids in this town. All I see is talent and good things happen with our teenagers."

Amidst all the hype, coach Trueblood knows his team has one more very important game to play.

"We're just trying to stay focused," he said. "Our job is to play football. We have about two and a half hours to prove ourselves and we're going to try and stay focused and true to the task."

And the players look ready.

"We're hungry," said Evers. "We've never been in a position like this so we come out in practice, play hard, and hope for the best."

The state championship will take place on Saturday at 4 PM in Carson.


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