Enloe unveils state-of-the-art helicopter

Jan 12, 2015 12:59 PM by News Staff

While celebrating their 30th year of air ambulance service, Enloe Flight Care unveiled their newest helicopter Saturday.

Enloe is replacing their current helicopter with a single-engine ‘E-C-130 T-2 Ecostar', which features the latest aviation technology for a safe and quiet ride for both patients and staff. Enloe's Ecostar will be the first medically configured Ecostar in the world.

Some of the most impressive features are the GPS and weather trackers that will help guide the chopper through the rough terrain and weather of the sierra and central valley. The helicopter also has a new intercom system, which paired with an overall quieter ride, will allow responders to better hear a patients breathing and heart rate.

The new helicopter was made possible by more than $1.1 million in donations from over 1,900 residents and businesses.


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