Enloe Teaches Chico High Students First Aid

Nov 28, 2012 3:05 AM

Vallarie Jensen spent more than 25 years as a health administrator, and now she continues to pass on her knowledge to students at Chico High. Jensen has been active in trying to update the health curriculum by providing more hands-on learning opportunities for her students.

"I would like to see it beyond a textbook. I want it to be current, relevant, and personalized," she says.

That's why Jensen recruited staff at Enloe Medical Center and Butte County EMS to help. In October, students got first aid certified, learning everything from how to make a splint and control bleeding to treatment for head, neck, and back injuries. On Tuesday, emergency responders wrapped up a course where they taught nearly 250 students how to provide CPR to people of all ages.

Chico High junior Sean McGowan says, "It's a really unique thing to do to be able to save a life and know what to do if someone's not responding or choking."

41 staff members also received CPR training and learned how to use the defibrillator on campus. Both students and faculty say they appreciate the training because it's something they can apply to their everyday lives.

Senior Madison Beeghly says, "I babysit a lot. So that's going to obviously assure the parents more that they can trust me with their child."

"The children are realizing because of different incidents that have happened recently, to either students and/or staff members on this campus, how personalized health has to be," says Jensen.

Jensen says she plans to continue her hands-on teaching by working closely with Enloe. Students will have the chance to take a closer look at health related careers and do ride-alongs in an ambulance. Chico High students are also planning on giving back to Enloe for their help by doing fundraisers for the hospital's flight care program.


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