Enloe's FlightCare Celebrates 25 Years Of Service!

Aug 9, 2010 7:55 PM

Enloe's FlightCare is reaching new heights. The service has now been in operation for 25 years! For the 19 on the FlightCare team, their quarter century accomplishment is something to be proud of. "I think it is, I think it just shows our commitment to the community and providing the best care available for the local community and the high standard of quality that we provide for everyone," Flight Paramedic Jim Cuneo stated. That high standard is also unique. FlightCare is the first and only hospital-owned medical helicopter service in the state. Its first call was on River Road, where a critically injured person was transported from a car crash. Since 1985, more than 14,000 patients have been transported with Enloe's FlightCare Service. "It's a controlled chaos, scene calls are particularly adventuresome," Senior Flight Nurse Neal Cline explained.

FlightCare was recognized for 5,000 consecutive, safe EMS calls in 1998. "We save as many as we can, some of them we don't and that's always hard to take but it's definitely rewarding when we feel like we've done the best we can and they have a good outcome," Cline stated.

Cline says the team is proud of the program, and how much it has evolved from its humble beginning. "It's a great job, it's fun, it's different everyday. One of the undervalued aspects of living where we are is just the beautiful scenery that's here."

The team's anniversary is highlighted in the current issue of "Air Medical Journal."


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