Enloe offers free flu vaccines

Jan 20, 2014 8:12 PM

The early peak of the flu season this year has many people concerned. If you're looking to for a vaccine, Enloe will give you one for free.

Many across the north state have been coming down with the flu and health officials have seen more and more people coming to them. “In the past two weeks, we have seen a greater increase in people coming to our emergency department, as well as our two prompt care clinics, and they've had flu symptoms," explained Christina Chavira, spokesperson for Enloe Hospital.

With the spread of the virus, there has been an increase in demand for vaccines. "Last week we set up appointments for people to receive free vaccines and there was so much demand for that that we found additional vaccines that we had on supply and that's why we're opening this clinic," said Chavira. The free clinic takes place Wednesday, Jan. 22 at their outpatient center at 888 lakeside Village Commons, Building C, off of Bruce Road near Highway 32. It will take place first come, first-served from 2-6 PM or until supplies last.
More information is online at www.enloe.org/flu or by phone at 332-7017.

They also want to remind people to take simple steps to help prevent the spread of the flu. “Other forms of prevention would be to cover your cough if you're coughing, avoid real close contact with people, try not to touch your eyes and your mouth and your nose because that's one way that germs can be spread, do wash your hands with soap and water frequently."

Even with these preventative steps the best way to protect against the flu is to be proactive. “The flu is a dangerous infection and the best protection against the flu is the flu vaccine."

This clinic is open to the general public for adult and children 4 and up. They have special vaccines for pregnant women as well.


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