Enloe Medical Center Ready to Go Tobacco-Free

Feb 11, 2013 7:06 PM

Enloe Medical Center will become smokeless as of this Thursday at all of its locations, officials announced today.

In keeping with a commitment to improve the health care of patients and the community, Enloe Medical Center officials said it will become tabacco-free at all campuses starting Feb. 14.

Tobacco use will be prohibited within Enloe facilities and grounds. This includes smokeless cigarettes, which emit nicotine and other toxins, as well as chewing tobacco. Following a new City of Chico ordinance, Enloe earlier prohibited smoking within 20 feet of doors and operable windows.

Patients who will need support following this policy are encouraged to request nicotine replacement through their physician before they are admitted to the medical center. Enloe has communicated with physician offices in advance so they can help prepare their patients who will be admitted.


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