Enloe Celebrates 100 Years

Sep 20, 2013 6:41 PM

Enloe Medical Center in Chico celebrated 100 years of service today.

Employees, board members, volunteers, and even some elected officials were invited. A piece of artwork done by local artist Jack Early was donated, and medical center staff showed off what they believe was Dr. Enloe’s original medical bag.

Enloe's CEO said his staff has discussed the uncertainty of what the next 100 years of service will look like.

“…Is this building going to be obsolete, is health care going to be an app on a cell phone? We don't think people helping people is going to change. That's what we're proudest of here at Enloe Medical Center,” CEO Mike Wiltermood said.

Enloe Medical Center was founded in 1913, with its first offices on Flume Street. They moved to the current location in 1937.


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