Employee fired from Safeway for stopping shoplifter

Nov 19, 2014 8:18 PM by Cecile Juliette

Friends of a fired Safeway employee are refusing to shop at the store, after they say he was let go for doing the right thing.

They gathered at the Safeway on East Avenue, just across the street from Pleasant Valley High School Wednesday. Jessica Croshaw said she was outraged. She said, "I am no longer shopping here. I used to shop here. It's convenient, it's close to home, gas is cheap. I can't support a company that supports illegal actions."

Croshaw says last week, Curt Keables, an employee at Safeway for more than 30 years, witnessed a boy he knew well shoplifting. Croshaw says Keables knows the boy's parents, and they would want to be aware of what he was doing. So he violated Safeway's "no chase" policy, and walked out after the boy. He escorted him back into the building, but instead of calling police, the store suspended kEABLES, and let the boy go. A few days later, Keables was fired.

Safeway told Action News Now that it cannot comment on matters involving personnel, but that the policy is in place for the protection of all parties involved. Keables said he cannot comment on the case while it is under appeal.


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