El Medio Fire Captain Dies In Crash

Apr 19, 2010 7:40 PM

An emotional day at work for El Medio firefighters. They are mourning the death of their Captian Jeremy Bryson. He died over the weekend in what investigators are calling a DUI related crash. CHP officers say the driver 24-year old Zachary Johnston of Oroville was driving his Honda Accord too fast on Oro Quincy Highway and Highway 162 Saturday morning just after two. "Anytime you mix drinking and driving together, it's a combination that's eventually going to lead to tragedy, out here we have a roadway that's not well lit and you have speed involved as well," Oroville CHP Officer J. Sanchez stated.

Investigators say Johnston lost control and hit a curb, causing the vehicle to flip over and crash into a powerpole. Bryson died at the scene. Johnston was treated and released from Enloe Medical Center. "A little disappointing to see him get himself in that situation but I think it is a situation where he's young, going out having a fun time, and maybe the driver told him 'yea, I'm good, I'm fine'," Sanchez stated.

Officer sanchez says he hopes everyone can learn a lesson from this tragic crash. "You become impaired yourself and it's kind of hard to make those judgement calls and that's really why it's important to have a designated driver so they can make those calls for you."

Johnston faces charges of driving under the influence and Vehicular Manslaughter involving DUI. Bryson was El Medio's firefighter of the year last year. Funeral arrangments are pending.


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