Economy Forward: Direct Sales

Nov 14, 2011 7:39 PM

If you asked Chico resident Karen King 10 years ago what she would be doing with her life today, she would have said she'd be teaching high school english. It's something she did for several years, until a friend invited her to a Mary Kay party to buy make-up. " I signed up instead to become a consultant and within my first week I had sold a thousand dollars", said Karen King, and independent senior sales director for Mary Kay.
King quickly realized she had a knack for direct sales, and the rewards from Mary Kay continued flowing in. " I earned my first car eight months after I started my business, and that allowed me to say goodbye to my teaching job... they never gave me a car, so I went with Mary Kay", explained King. And king received car, after car, after car. She's earned five in the seven years she's been selling Mary Kay, the most recent being a brand new pink cadillac.
Since starting with the multi-billion dollar company, King has climbed the ranks with her drive to succeed. She now has a unit team of more than 80 women selling below her, she works an average of 25 hours a week, and her income has more than doubled since teaching. " My husband likes to joke that I make more money than he does, and he's an engineer", said King.
King says many women and even men are jumping on board to sell Mary Kay. In a struggling economy, and with unemployment rates soaring to nearly 10% in the U.S., many are using direct sales to supplement their income. " Direct sales is actually the number one fastest growing industry in the country because people know that they can be they're own boss", explained King. Brooke Sena, also an independent sales director wit the company adds, " It's such an opportunity, I mean I went from basically making nothing to being able to quit my full time job and go part time and driving a car".
To succeed in a company like Mary Kay, and in most direct sales companies, motivation is a must. It may not be for everyone, but in today's job market, thinking outside the box is necessary. " Whether you choose Mary Kay, or you choose another direct sales company or anything else, starting your own business or whatever it may be, I think in today's economy the biggest thing is that you are willing to take a risk", explained King. And for her, it's something that has definitely paid off.


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