Easy home upgrades save energy, money

Jun 24, 2015 8:58 PM by Charlene Cheng

How would you like to live in a house that's always the perfect temperature, while being energy efficient? And more importantly, cuts back on energy costs?

"We've had the unit and the upgrades for a little over two years, and we've saved over $7,000 in that time frame," Redding homeowner Noel Woodley said.

With our state in the middle of an alarming drought, Energy Upgrade California is an initiative asking residents to do their part.

"It's a statewide program that's encouraging Californians to better manage their energy, through programs like home upgrades, or simple steps like unplugging or changing their lights, just simple things they can do around the house to better manage the energy," said Kevin Slagle, a spokesman for Energy Upgrade California.

The Woodley family overhauled their 2,250 square foot residence, identifying and improving all the areas where the home was bleeding energy.

"It's the sum of the parts. The leaky system, it was too big. Our lighting was incandescent. Our hot water heater was inefficient, our appliances were inefficient. Once we addressed all those things and put them together, then the savings really piled up," Woodley said.

With the new upgrades, it costs more to run a hairdryer than it does to keep his home at a cool 72 degrees.

Others can easily do it too, starting out with lighting and appliances.

And with rebates currently available, now's the time to look into larger projects.

"The time is really now to make your home this place you're going to be proud of, and also to have affordable bills. Get the future-proofing in place while the money is there, because it probably won't always be there," said Energy Docs Home Performance Solutions owner Mike MacFarland, who worked on the Woodley house.

For more information on available rebates, you can visit Energy Upgrade California's website.


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