Early Voters for Elections

Jun 5, 2010 8:45 PM

The Butte County Elections Office kept it's doors open on Saturday in preparation for Tuesday's elections, offering a better opportunity for every voter to cast their ballot. "Any voter that wants to come by and vote their vote by mail ballot, pick up a ballot, or sometimes they've spoiled a ballot at home and want to get a second issue, we're here for that" explained Butte County Clerk-Recorder Candace Grubbs.
Election day, Tuesday, the polls will be open from seven a.m. to eight p.m. Vote by mail ballots are beneficial to those who are unable to show up during those times. "Our plans change all the time, and all of a sudden they think, well gee on Tuesday I'm not gonna be here to vote, and so they can come by here and vote" explained Grubbs. And many Butte County voters did just that. "I all of a sudden got a camping trip planned, and decided to vote because I'll be out of town on Tuesday" stated Carol McClendon of Chico. Bernard Sterling also stated that "Polling places, you gotta stand in line, plus you gotta stand and fill the form out. well you can do it at home and bring it down here real quick and be done with it."
All ballots must be received by Tuesday evening at 8. Forms could be filled out at the Butte County Elections Office in order to vote even if the voters were not previous vote by mail recipients. Officials say the best way to ensure your vote is counted is to turn your vote by mail ballet in to any one of the polling sites, or directly into the elections office. "We encourage that, because it's getting close to the time that if you put them in the mail, we may not get them by Tuesday" Grubbs said.
49 polling sites in Butte County will be set up and ready for Tuesday and some voters are anticipating a tight race between many candidates. "I am here for that reason, that it's gonna be close, whatever, and it could change the whole county... Who knows" said voter Carol McClendon.


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