Durham High football team honors special needs student

Oct 20, 2014 11:56 PM by Ross Field

A special honor for one Durham High School student.

Kevin Hines is disabled, leaving him wheelchair bound.

He likes sports, especially football and on Friday, October 17th, Hines tackled the role of team captain.

On this field, the highlight came before kickoff.

Durham senior Kevin Hines has cerebral palsy, orthopedic issues and visual impairment. But he still carries with him a big smile.

"Kevin loves football, he loves watching it on TV and it's so exciting that he gets to be here in person watching the game," said Lisa Gunn, Kevin's mother.

On this night, Kevin not only gets to watch, he gets to participate as an honorary team captain.

He was given a jersey and escorted onto the field for the coin toss, a gesture by the team Kevin and his mother will never forget.

"It was so sweet that the Durham High football team has really embraced my son Kevin, never has been able to play a high school sport so the fact that they included him was over the top phenomenal," said Gunn.

"I mean it's just a special feeling, you get to do that for someone, it's an awesome feeling," said Hayden Southam, a Durham High football player.

Cody Pound echoed Southam's sentiments.

"We're all blessed to be able to play this sport and he isn't so we thought we could anything we can to help him enjoy it and take him out there and show him that he is a part of this team no matter what."

"They are just such amazing people and it's just phenomenal that they were just able to do that and just step up to the plate and really take action in this," said Carly Hines, Kevin's sister.

"It's just kind've a part of Durham, and if we can make him and his family feel special in any way we're all about that," said Dan Henry, Durham High head football coach.

"The fact that our community and our team and all the boys supported him is unbelievable," added Gunn.

A heartwarming moment, reflective of not just the Durham football team, but the entire community.


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