Durham football opens season with a bang

Sep 3, 2015 2:00 PM by Ross Field

The Durham community is buzzing with excitement after the local high school football team scored a huge win to start the year.

Located ten miles south of Chico lies the small town of Durham, population is just 3,260. There's one Shell gas station and a popular taco truck.

It may be a tiny town, but right now it's home to a big story.

The local high school football team has started the season with a bang!

"Everyone was really excited about the win," said Mitchell Caswell, tight end.

"It boosted the morale of our community and also our school. Everyone has been super happy," said Ryan Bridges, linebacker.

Durham went on the road and defeated Williams, the preseason favorite in Division-IV in the medial poll, 22-14.

"If anybody overlooks us, they've got another thing coming," said Zack Argo, quarterback and middle linebacker.

"It was awesome to come out and show that to everyone els," said Jack Murphy, running back.

"You know after the game getting snapchats and seeing the Twittersphere just blow up, it was great," added Bridges.

It did not start out well for the visitors though as they trailed 8-0 after a short touchdown run from Lewis Davalos.

But Manny Tovalin returned the ensuing kick-off 90 yards to the house and the momentum started to swing.

"When he brought that back we were re-invigorated and ready to win," said Jack Murhpy.

"It definitely sparked some fire under our entire team," added Argo.

But several Trojans said the key to victory lied in their second half defense. They held the Yellowjackets scoreless.

"We pack a punch, we have a small group but we have a lot of heart," said Joe Murphy, wide receiver.

With the victory the Trojans also took over Williams' number one spot in the media poll.

"we have to keep up the expectations of being number one now, so we're going to keep working for that."

The Trojans travel to face Clear Lake this Friday. And the small Durham community hopes this football team continues to give them a big reason to cheer.

"We could definitely win sections if we put our whole heart and soul into it," said Jared Heath, safety.


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