DUI Fees Rising in Paradise...

Oct 4, 2011 6:35 PM

A DUI arrest or accident is something no driver ever wants to go through. It's not only extremely dangerous and many times deadly, it's also expensive. But a wreck while driving under the influence could soon cost drivers in Paradise even more. " An accident can involve virtually everyone on duty within the town so that's a drain on the tax payers and our resources", said Paradise Police Chief Chris Buzzard.
Town council members will decide Tuesday whether to add on more fees to drivers that wreck within the town's limits. The state of California allows cities and towns to levy fees that are incurred because of a DUI related crash. " The cost recovery is basically everything that the town spends to a negligent operator that caused an accident within the town", explained Buzzard.
The new fees would include paying for police, fire and any other emergency persponnel's time, including overtime. And many Paradise residents agree the fees should go up. " I say increase them until the drinking and irresponsible behavior ceases", said Paradise resident Ken Boon. Roy Stanton, adds " I'd say double it", John Hanna, also a Paradise resident says, " Yes raise it, but also give the person a chance to go through rehab and see how they do".
Fees to DUI drivers would vary based on the amount of resources used because of their crash. The state caps the additional fees at 12,000 dollars. " If that's what it takes for people to give a second thought before they get behind the wheel, so be it", said Buzzard.


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