DUI Driver sentenced to more than 10 years for death

Apr 22, 2016 6:27 PM by McKenzie Nelson

Emotions ran high in court this morning as the Chico man involved in a deadly DUI last year - was sentenced.

Justice is what the families and friends of Haley McMahan and Tyler Burns wanted and Friday they feel they got just that.

Maria McMahan said, ''I do feel real relief for at least what we got today.'

21-year-old Andrew Reenan was sentenced to 10 years and 4 months in prison following a crash on October 1st of 2015.
The accident killed 19-year-old McMahan and left Burns in a vegetative state.

Reenan faced a maximum sentence of 13 years in prison and though he did not receive the full penalty- the prosecution says they are pleased.

Jeff Greeson said, 'I think this was a fair sentence handed down, the people did ask for the upper term and we believe that it was the appropriate term, however a mid-term was certainly something that the people can accept.'

However, the defense hoped for a much different outcome.

Robert Marshall said, 'It was our hope that he would be able to be placed on probation and do something about paying towards the massive amount of restitution that's going to be ordered.

From the time of the accident, Tyler Burns has been in critical condition, facing extensive treatment - that has become very costly for his family. The Burns family says his medical bills have now reached over $1 Million.

Reenan addressed the court saying quote 'I just want to tell everybody how deeply sorry i am. i never knew that my actions would cause so much pain for so many people.' end quote.

Marshall said, 'This is horrible, this whole situation is horrible, this is a situation where there are absolutely no winners.'

Following sentencing, the defense plans to file a notice of appeal. However Marshall says challenging a sentencing decision is a very high burden.
And for the victim's family, living life without her, will continue to be a life-long challenge.

McMahan says, 'Hayley was such a bright light in our lives and we feel so off balance without her.'


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