Duff ordered to stand trial for Halloween party beating death

Jan 8, 2015 7:07 PM

A big ruling Thursday in a Shasta County murder case -- a Shasta County judge ruled Jason Duff will go to trial for the beating death of 25-year old Cody Radford.

"I want him back, he didn't deserve it."

21-year old Mariah Radford still can't believe her big brother Cody is gone.
She says Cody was turning his life around for his son, who's due in March.

"I sometimes expect him to walk through the back door and say 'granny what's for dinner?'"

Cody spent most of his life living with his grandparents.
His grandmother Vickie remembers the last thing Cody told her on the day he died.

"He had come in the house and said granny I'm going to a Halloween party with my friend, they'll be here to pick me up soon. He said bye grandma love you, and that's the last time I talked to him."

That Halloween party was hosted on October 24th 2014, at Jason Duff"s home on Concord Lane in Redding.
Duff allegedly punched Cody several times before he became unconscious.
According to Redding Police investigators, Cody had become so intoxicated, Duff's girlfriend ordered him leave.
The conversation moved to the stairway outside the home and according to witnesses. that's when Duff walked outside and began punching Cody in the head.

"Mr. Duff throws three punches, Mr. Radford passed away as a result of it...it's a tragedy."

Cody was pronounced dead at Mercy Medical Center the next morning -- the cause of his death -- swelling in the brain from blunt force head trauma.

"When you keep pounding on somebody after they're already down and out, that is not involuntary...that is I'm pissed at you, and I'm just gonna beat the tar out of you. That's what I think happened with Cody."

Jason Duff's attorney asked for an involuntary manslaughter charge in court today, but the judge ruled there was enough evidence to show the beating was intentional, and not a reckless act.
Cody's grandmother became emotional as she began to recall her memories with him.

"I just miss his hugs."

Duff is now facing one count of murder -- his trial is set to begin on May 5th.


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