Dry & Cold Conditions Ahead For Your Monday Farmcast

Dec 29, 2014 8:18 AM by Cort Klopping

Freezing temperatures have returned to the valley overnight, and there does not look to be much relief from the cold ahead in your Farmcast. Temperatures have dipped into the low 30's for the valley, and are only projected to climb back into the low 50's this afternoon. The frigid conditions will continue into 2015, but are finally expected to warm up a little bit heading into the weekend.

Winds for today will be out of the Northwest to around 10mph, but are expected to become much stronger on Tuesday. Sustained winds will reach 25mph out of the North on Tuesday, and gusts will be up to 40mph. Humidity values will hover between 40 to 50 percent over the next couple of days. Dry weather will linger through the entire week.

Your Monday sunrise is set for 7:28am, and sunset for 4:51pm.


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