Drunk Boating Crackdown

Jun 26, 2010 8:49 PM

" They come out to the park to recreate, they want to have fun , but we want to make sure that everybody has fun and goes home" explains Kirk Coon, a State Park Peace Officer.
That's why this year " Operation Dry Water " is in effect at Lake Oroville. As part of a nationwide effort to stop boating while under the influence, more than 24 officers are making sure that booze and boating aren't mixed. In 2009 alone, 41% of boating fatalities in California were alcohol related.
"We want to get an early start on the season and make sure that everybody knows early enough that we're out here" said Coon. More than 9 state park boats will be patrolling the waters between June 25th and 27th.
Cracking down on boaters who are under the influence is a priority, but officers say promoting safety is the main goal. " We really got involved in Operation Dry Water because we do what we can to help make sure that everybody goes home at the end of the day" stated Coon.
Safety inspections will be done randomly on the lake, officers say most appreciate the effort that is being made. " Good safety precautions and a large police presence
is always appreciated" said Sacramento resident Tim McMillan. A higher presence of officers is expected to be seen throughout the summer. Officials are also hoping that the effort will become an annual event.


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