Drugs, guns off the streets in Tehama County

Mar 15, 2016 9:25 PM by Darren Leeds

The Tehama County District Attorney's Bureau of Investigation says they've taken a big step to reduce the gang activity around the county. A two-month investigation has shown that gangs in Corning and Red Bluff were involved in numerous shootings, assaults and narcotics trafficking.

The Bureau of Investigations conducted searches Monday and Sunday which resulted in a number of arrests and the seizure of firearms and drugs. Tehama County District Attorney Gregg Cohen says the operation was a big success.

Cohen says, "We had some good information that led us to believe that there would be a lot of guns out there, but I think we did better than we anticipated."

Four search warrants and eight probation searches turned up quite the haul for law enforcement in Tehama County. officers made 12 arrests and seized 14 firearms, 525 marijuana plants, 3 pounds of marijuana, 2 honey oil labs and$31,000. Tehama County District Attorney Gregg Cohen says gang activity is a cause for concern.

Cohen says, "We are all aware of it. The Corning Police Chief, the Red Bluff Police Chief, the Sheriff, myself, we're all aware of gang activity in our county. It is a problem, it's not south central LA but it certainly is a problem here and I think this demonstrates the extent of the problem."

Arrests were made in Corning and Red Bluff. Cohen says he is concerned about the innocent people being victimized and the gang has been involved with drive by shootings and home invasions. One of the firearms seized was an AR-15 assault rifle with a 40-round magazine.

Cohen says, "Unfortunately all of this stuff was in the hands of criminals and we think any time we can get a gun out of a criminal's hand is saving someone's life potentially down the line. We were very excited to get the effects of what we got in this search."

The District Attorney's Bureau of Investigation was assisted by more than 50 officers, which included members of the FBI, DEA, Homeland Security and several local agencies. Cohen says the illegal gang activity creates a public safety issue in Tehama County and his department believes this bust was a step in the right direction to keep the streets safer.


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