Drought takes another toll on Lake Oroville

Aug 22, 2014 7:46 PM by Joe Moeller

"The forecast was to be closed on August 20th and with the cooler weather it has extended the time open here." says Bidwell Marina Manager Bill Harper.

Harper says the lake levels are dropping to nearly 30% capacity. Their boat ramp is to close.

"I am expecting next Tuesday or Wednesday next week to be closed." he continued.

He says its unfortunate it has to close before Labor Day weekend. He expects the number of visitors to decrease.

"I don't expect it to as busy as usual because the access is so bad at this point. The only access will be at the spillway launch area." added Harper "you got to be patient because it is narrow so don't be in a hurry once your over there."

Trena Yuponce has visited Lake Oroville her whole life. She has used the spill way boat launch before.

"We have used it before it was a nightmare, but it has been at least 20 years. " says Yuponce.

She says she isn't happy that she is going to have to launch somewhere else.

"We have to launch now at the dam and the dam is a dirt, gravel, have to have four wheel drive."

Yuponce says the regular boat launch takes time as it is. She worries about using spillway.

"If I couldn't come out early on labor day weekend I wont even bother wasting my time."

Harper tells us he hopes next summer won't result like this.

"If we don't get any rain we will be in this situation next year." says Harper.


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