Drought Leads to Interests in Synthetic Grass

Jul 28, 2014 8:04 PM by Joe Moeller

Erik Nielsen installed synthetic grass when he built his home here in Chico three years ago. He says it was worth it for him both to save money and to cut back on water.

"I have zero complaints on this grass." says Nielson.

Nielsen says the fake grass in front of his home was worth the money.

"Three years of not mowing the lawn, not having to worry about sprinklers."

He tells us he doesn't pay much in water for his yard. He is happy with the outcome, especially with the drought conditions.

"Who knows what is going to happen with the drought."

Bruce Whitegiver from Sutherland Landscape says more are taking an interest in the grass.

"Since the drought the last couple of years we have noticed a sharp increase in inquires about the turf." Says Whitegiver.

He tells us it makes sense for those trying to cut their water usage.

"It is a very green product in that it uses no water and there is no maintenance to it."

The main complaint with synthetic grass is the price, $10 to $15 dollars per square foot, including installation. Whitegiver hopes the price will decrease.

"The turf has been around for a few years now, it will get less expensive over time and more affordable."

Due to its price the product hasn't caught on here like other areas.

"We have sold a fair amount this year, but it is still not quite catching on 100% like the Bay Area of Sacramento."

Nielson says with the drought he is happy his lawn isn't using water.

"We know regardless with what happens with the drought we are going to have green grass." Says Nielsen.


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