Drought impacting bird habitats on Pacific Flyway

Nov 20, 2014 6:53 PM by Brian Johnson

The record drought is having an effect on local habitats for birds migrating south on the Pacific Flyway.

A local waterfowl expert says that while flyway populations are on the rise this year, the amount of flooded rice fields has significantly decreased (around 70%), leaving birds like geese and mallards without the square acreage of habitat they're accustomed to.

But Western Canal Water District's Ted Trimble believes they've created sufficient habitat with the water they have available.

But he says there needs to be more rain to maintain the habitats they've created and avoid another severe drought year.

"The plantings will be down," Trimble said. "It could be a rough year for everyone from municipal users, the environment, to agriculture. So we're all hoping for some rain, but we have to plan for the worst case scenario."

If you'd like to see the birds near Western Canal with your own eyes, check out their webcam here.


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