Drought drives bears down to foothill town in search of food

Nov 9, 2015 11:51 AM by News Staff

THREE RIVERS, Calif. (AP) - Black bears driven from the mountains by drought have invaded a town outside of Sequoia National Park in search of food.

A record number of bears are seeking acorns in the tiny town of Three Rivers that is home to an eclectic mix of park employees, ranchers, hippies, and a retreat for celebrities that include Anjelica Huston and William Shatner.

Everyone seems to have photos and stories of bear encounters.

The four-year drought shriveled the berry crop in the Sierra Nevada and parched hillside oaks produced fewer acorns, forcing bears into river valleys.

Most residents are delighted by the furry visitors, though some fear they're easy targets for poachers. The local newspaper has reported killings, though game wardens say they're not investigating because they have no evidence of poaching.

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