Drop The Drugs

May 16, 2010 8:56 PM

National studies show it is a problem that is on the rise, especially for teens. In the United States alone, more people between the ages of twelve and seventeen abuse prescription drugs than any other illegal drug besides marijuana. The amount of deaths related to prescription drug abuse is also increasing. According to Butte County Meth Strike Force member Lana McGuire, most people are not aware of the dangers involved. "The tolerance for narcotics and other drugs that create a tolerance means people get addicted quickly without understanding that that's what's happening, then all of a sudden there's a problem and they really aren't understanding how to get help for it."

Mcguire says part of the problem is the easy access, that's why the second annual "Drop the Drugs" event was held Sunday in four locations in Butte County. The goal is to give people a safe place to dispose of their unwanted medication, while spreading an important message about drugs. "They're very serious things, that's why they're a controlled toxic substance. These are so toxic we don't want them even flush down the toilet and yet people will flush them right down their throat," Enloe Medical Center Community Outreach Coordinator Trudy Duisenberg stated.

Studies also show that flushing pharmaceutical drugs down the toilet can cause environmental contamination. "Dropping off your drugs at a drop-off site like this is really important because it keeps dangerous products out of your landfill, out of the water and out of the hands of our children," Chico resident Susan Bachlor explained.

The drugs will be taken to the appropriate agencies to be destroyed.

If you missed Sunday's drop-off event, you can call 1-866-429-2288 for instructions on how to dispose hazardous wastes.


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